About Us

Orakat is not just a company, but also an ever-growing network of talented individuals who are enthusiastic about web application development, web design, and the award winning Ruby on Rails framework.

Patrick Kattau - Partner

Like many other small business owners, you will find Patrick doing a little bit of everything at Orakat. From project lead and database design, to Ruby on Rails programming for the latest project. Patrick brings an additional perspective to the web development business with 8 years of experience working in the Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence industry. In addition to being a certified business intelligence professional by the TDWI institute, he has developed in depth knowledge using Ruby on Rails and also manages the day to day business operations at Orakat. Away from the computer you can find Patrick in your local outpatient surgery room recovering from yet another baseball related arm injury.

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Dipin Hora - Partner

As co-founder of Orakat, Dipin introduced the team to Ruby on Rails and a new agile way of thinking about web development. Dipin also has an extensive data warehousing and business intelligence background, which includes building a data warehouse using all open source technologies. Dipin is our black belt problem solver and often becomes the "go to" guy for the most challenging of issues.

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Greg Bartlett - Lead Designer

With over a decade of diverse design experience, boasting both web and print work within his portfolio, Greg brings enthusiasm and a talented eye to the Orakat team.

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